Employee Performance Appraisal

Cloud solution that meets your organization's Talent Management demands

Perfode's Employee Performance review software will empower you to administer employee reviews with an automated and easy to use solution. Using our web-based solution you can align your workforce around key strategic objectives, expect increases in productivity, effectively drive change, develop core competencies, and ultimately see an increase in the bottom line.

Enterprise Edition Offers

  • Employee Performance Review with 360 multi-rater assessment, language audit, Forms Designer
  • Fully-linked, cascading goals that can be set at the highest levels of the organization and linked to employee goals.
  • Powerful visual analytics for the managers and HR professionals
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Why Perfode

Perfode's employee performance review software represents a second generation talent management application that is built with years of experience, with enterprise-wide performance management processes. Along with the standard best practices, Perfode's performance appraisal software was designed and built to answer real life situations such as:

  • Can the manager delegate some of his or her tasks to other staff?
  • What if employees have different roles at different levels in the organization?
  • What if some employees are evaluated based on project rather than reporting hierarchy?
  • Perfode offers a flexible solution to meet talent management needs in your organization. Read more on Role based security in talent management software by Perfode

Performance Appraisal Software Business Edition

We can get you started today with Business Edition!

  • Create a login.
  • Upload employee information.
  • Choose your review template.
  • You can write performance notes, set objectives, start employee performance appraisals and get powerful analytics.

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