Talent Management Software - Manager Edition

Use this option if only one person will be writing reviews. This option gives a single person unlimited user access and the ability to write as many reviews as they would like for the length of the subscription.


  • 6 review form templates to choose from Administrative, Customer Service, Managerial, Sales, Technical Professional, Executive or create your own
  • Easily create your own review form templates with our wizard that guides you through the process
  • 28 performance competencies to choose from.
  • Auto-text writing assistance performance review, language audit, spell check
  • Definable review form sections
  • Ability to print, save and email completed performance review
  • Employee objective management
  • Employee performance notes
  • Document attachment
  • Review accessible for length of subscription
  • Anytime anywhere secure internet access through Employee Performance Appraisal hosting site

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  • 50 employees or less - $ 1,299.00 yearly
  • 100 employees or less - $ 1,599.00 yearly

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