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Create & link company goals to employees’ goals.

fully linked goals

Your team is hard working. You want to make sure that every employee is performing to the best of their abilities. But are you sure that your team effort is not going waste due to miscommunication of objectives and goals? Are you worried that every member of your team might not know how his personal goals are connected to the objectives of the organization?

Perfode offers you the perfect tool to succeed. The flexibility of Perfode's performance appraisal solution allows you to set goals at the highest level of your organization and lets each division, department, manager and employee link their goals through every level of the company. The result - a highly focused workforce with goals integrated to key organizational objectives working as a unified force and achieving its annual objectives. An employers’ dream – isn’t it? You can make it happen by Perfode’s talent management solutions.

Perfode's talent management solution allows employees and managers to easily collaborate in the creation, routing and approval of goals that lend themselves to linking with the organizations objectives. Making administration smooth and effortless. This fast and easy goal setting and aligning process provides your organization with a “line of sight” view of its action plan making it possible to track and successfully achieve your organizational objectives.

Perfode’s talent management solution is a powerful tool that aligns your employees’ goals to your organizational objectives, giving you insight into employee performance - transforming your workforce into a force of success.
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