Perfode eReviewz for Google Apps Users

Allows organizations to manage their performance review & objective process

Perfode Talent Management Solution Integration with Google Apps

For Organizations using Google Apps

eReviewz for Google AppsTM is for Organizations who use Google Apps. After adding Perfode eReviewz to your Google Apps account you can manage employee performance appraisals, objectives and documentation in an easy to use web-based solution. Design your review forms and choose competencies, while Auto-text and a real time interactive language audit will help insure your performance appraisal is always professional and well written. A robust feature set makes for an effortless year round talent management process.

To add Perfode to your Google Apps account, go to Google Apps Marketplace, search for Perfode and follow the prompts.

Google Apps Integration

Single Sign On

Login to Perfode eReviewz with one click

Perfode eReviewz Google Apps Integration

Reminders in Google Calendar

Updates Employees Calendar with Review Reminders and Document Reminders

Perfode eReviewz Google Apps Integration
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How does it work?

eReviewz for Google Apps enables any organization using Google Apps to also use Perfode’s eReviewz solution to efficiently write employee performance reviews.

eReviewz was created with the busy professional in mind, its built-in intelligence steps the writer through a simple ranking process which measures the employee’s competency in key areas then writes the review, giving the writer the ability to edit and customize the review as they see fit. Along with the ability to create and track employee objectives/goals and documenting performance you can be on your way to creating a successful year round performance management culture.

How Much Does it Cost

eReviewz for Google Apps is free. You begin with a free 30 day trial and then have the option to choose a paid plan.


Is eReviewz Secure?

Only an authorized Google Apps administrator can install and roll out eReviewz for Google Apps. eReviewz takes your security and privacy seriously and is committed to protecting your privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful and safe online experience. Please refer to our privacy policy link at the bottom of this page.

Perfode eReviewz Features

  • 6 review form templates to choose from Administrative, Customer Service, Managerial, Sales, Technical Professional, Executive or create your own
  • Easily create your own review form templates with our wizard that guides you through the process
  • 28 performance competencies to choose from
  • Auto-text writing assistance performance review, language audit, spell check
  • Definable review form sections
  • Ability to print, save and email completed performance review
  • Employee objective management
  • Employee performance notes
  • Document attachment
  • Reminders
  • Review accessible for length of subscription
  • Anytime anywhere secure internet access through hosting site
  • EZ set-up and email notification to users with their sign-in credentials
  • Centralized administrator control of employee records
  • Centralized administrator control of review forms
  • Reporting
  • Audit trail
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