Employee Performance Appraisals / Reviews

When it's time for performance evaluations, Perfode's employee appraisal software provides the most flexible tool available for gathering feedback and documenting performance.

Perfode's employee appraisal solution guides managers and employees through the process of completing reviews, from competency ratings to development plans, summaries and signatures.

With a few mouse clicks, Perfode's employee appraisal software allows employees and managers to gather feedback from co-workers, matrix managers and others for evaluations or assessments. It ensures that every employee gets consistent feedback across your organization. Managers simply edit the text by cutting and pasting examples of performance from their Feedback Journal and Goal Progress Notes.

Our employee review software will automatically generate text as you rate each of the factors in the competency, which reviewer can then afterwards. This gives a head start to the reviewer and eliminates reviewers blank page syndrome.

Fully customizable language audit and spell checkers ensure that reviews are professional, and free from language that may be legally sensitive and inappropriate for a performance review.

Configurable automated workflow does the task of reminding managers to ensure timely review completion. Real time reporting can quickly identify the risk areas and high performers.

  • 360 Multirater (360 feedback)
  • e-Signatures
  • Language Audit
  • Spell Checker
  • Auto Save every 1 minute
  • Multiple Competency sections
  • Review Form Designer
  • Optional Goals, Future Goals, Performance Notes and development plans section ans more
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