Review Form Designer

Customizable Performance Review Form Designer with Multiple Cometency Sections

Perfode’s flexible review form designer standardizes your review templates/forms and groups the competencies under various sections.

Or you can create or edit your own competencies. What’s more, Perfode's employee appraisal software makes it easy to pick and choose which sections to include on each form so you can match your existing forms, or create entirely new, job-specific forms. Some of our main sections include:

  • Configurable Employee Information Section: Using Review Form Designer you can configure the employee and reviewer data that should appear on the Review Form. In addition to organization unit, hire date, and job title you can also include any other custom defined employee information.
  • Multiple Competencies Sections: Perfode's Form Designer provides for multiple competencies sections, so that you can break the competencies into various categories like core competencies, job specific competencies etc.
  • Current Goals and Future Goals
  • Performance Notes
  • Development Plans
  • Summary Calculations
  • Employee Comments and Reviewer Comments
  • Optional Free Text Sections
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