Role-based Security

Talent Management - Role Based Security

All the access is controlled in the system by means of roles. The roles are configurable and are controlled in one central place. You can use one of the predefined roles or configure them to match your company procedures and values. You can also create new roles and get a headstart by copying existing roles and then tweaking them. Perfode comes pre-configured with the following roles:

  • HR Role: Used by system administrators; access to every functionality in the system
  • Executive Role: Has all the access that the HR role provides excluding the maintenance and HR functions
  • Manager Role: Best suited for line managers
  • Employee Role: Tailored to meet the expectations of the employee
  • HR-Assistant Role: Has access to the functionality related to HR functions like review form designer, competency designer, etc.

Many automated talent management systems look great in demos and are great for small departments or workgroups. But when it comes time to roll them out in the real world, things get complicated. Applications slow down, managing access and permissions, or creating multiple workflows and processes for different divisions and employee groups becomes frustrating, if not impossible. Consider these questions:

  • Can a busy line manager assign a task like completing a review or assigning goals to other responsible staff?
  • What if employee has more than one role and reports across multiple divisions?
  • What if some employees are evaluated based on project rather than reporting hierarchy?
  • What if you need several administrators at different locations with different permission profiles?
  • What if a line manager quits on short notice? Can you temporarily  give all the access of the out-going manager to another manager ?
  • Can you change the approval work flow for a department or division?
  • Can you change the review or goal policy for a specific department?

Perfode was designed and built around these real life situations. Managing access to the powerful features and functionality is as easy as point and click.

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