Technology Behind Employee Performance Appraisal SaaS Software

Perfode's employee appraisal software is fully managed and hosted by Perfode. There's no software for you to install, maintain or upgrade. All you'll need is a Web browser.

Perfode takes privacy of your data very seriously. Your data and the application you use to access that data eReviewz are hosted on Microsoft's flagship cloud platform technology using Windows Azure which is Microsoft’s flagship cloud platform technology. Windows Azure operates in the Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS) infrastructure. In addition to the internationally recognized ISO27001 standard, Microsoft Corporation is a signatory to Safe Harbor and is committed to fulfill all of its obligations under the Safe Harbor Framework. Learn More

Perfode's Talent Management software can also be installed on Corporate Intranets. This gives you absolute control over the application and database. For the detailed technical requirements please send us an email.
The following diagram illustrates the system architecture of the application:

Talent Management Software

User Interface

Performance Review Software - Browser Support
The User Interface is what you see while interacting with the system. The interface elements are developed using Microsoft .NET 4.0 framework. ASP.NET, C#, XSL, AJAX, jQuery and JavaScript to give you a rich user experience. These UI components interface with many business layer and data components stored in DLLs. Perfode's employee appraisal software works best with Internet Explorer and Firefox under 1024 * 768 screen resloution. Our application is continually tested to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.


Perfode's performance appraisal software is made up of other components and services like, Web Services, Email engine, Task generator engine, Reminder Engine and Security engine to perform variety of tasks and constantly monitor the health of the system.

Business Logic and Data Encapsulation
This layer consists of components which interfaces with the User Interface layer and the services to provide support and embed the business logic.

Data Layer

Our employee appraisal software uses Azures Geo Resundant SQL Server database. SQL Server offers us the flexibility and scalability necessary to handle huge jobs without performance restrictions. This means a secure, stable database that protects client data integrity better than others.

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