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Employee Appraisals - When it comes time for performance reviews, Perfode's employee appraisal software provides the most flexible tool available for gathering feedback and documenting performance. Our performance appraisal software guides managers and employees through the process of completing reviews, from competency ratings to development plans, summaries and signatures. More on Performance Reviews

Fully Linked Organization Objectives and Employee Objectives - Perfode's employee appraisal software allows you to set goals at the highest level of your organization and let divisions, departments, managers and employees link their goals through each level of the company. The result is a highly focused workforce aligned around key organizational objectives. More on Fully linked Goals

Role based security - Roles are configurable and are controlled in one central place. You can use one of the predefined roles, or configure them to match your company procedures and values. More on Role based security

Visual Analytics - Provides reports and dashboards to help you manage the performance management process, uncover talent gaps and identify high performers in your organization. More on Analytics

Performance Journal - Perfode’s Performance Journal makes it easy for managers to log accomplishments and issues that arise 365 days a year. More on Employee Performance Journal

Audit Trail - Who did what and what did he or she exactly do? software maintains a detailed Audit log of each and every document. More on Audit Trail

Permission Delegation - Do you have a situation where many employees report to a manager and the manager would rather delegate a task like authoring a review, or setting objectives to other responsible staff. More on Performance Review Delegation

Organization Hierarchy - Perfode's employee appraisal software gives you powerful tool to manage and maintain your organization structure. Perfode gives you the power to easily change the organization structure as your organization changes. More on Organization Hierarchy

Search - All the text in the documents is searchable

Employee Profile - With the click form the home page, Employee Profile let's you glance at the employee's past performance and how well the employee is performing against his or her current goals.

Approvals - Perfode's employee appraisal software provides flexible approval processes with automated reminders which can be defined at specified organizational levels. Different approval processes can be defined for document type.

Feedback and Reminders - Perfode empowers every employee in your organization to set reminders on documents and request feedback from his or her peers, managers or any other user in the system.

Tasks and Messages - Automated and manual Tasks generated by Perfode are integrated with email and RSS feeds. Tasks are integrated with Approval processes and Organization Objectives.


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