Tips for an Effective Performance Review, Performance Appraisal

An annual performance review is like taking a bath once a year. One cannot eliminate all the dirt in one swoop since the frequency of the bath or review is so low. Some employees find performance appraisals as a waste of useful time and just an annual ritual that has to be performed while working for the company. But even enlightened employees do realize that it is quite awkward during a review to sit and talk about the events gone by over the past year, most of which have been forgotten or are irrelevant. This sort of thinking is quite unlikely to yield the desired benefits or help to improve the motivation or competence level of the employee.

Other employees find it extremely important to have a performance appraisal at least once a year. Employees with a high level of emotional intelligence understand that-

  • The supervisor should give feedback to employees on a regular basis
  • It’s not uncommon for supervisors and employees alike to see the performance review process as interfering with their work routine
  • Key leadership traits and ethics are at stake during a performance review
  • Discussing performance once a year will not develop empathy for other employees overnight

There are a few points that can make the performance review process very effective and productive-

  • Discuss the overall yearly record to identify the tasks that were performed well and those that require improvement. Also discuss the things that the employee desires or expects from their management team
  • Identify the areas where the employee needs to improve upon in a professional development plan. Discuss a list of actions that the employee must undertake in order to be more effective to the organization. Also give suggestions if the employee is doing well and how they can take their actions to the next level.
  • Finally, summarize the actions that are to be taken along with their respective deadlines.

Following the performance appraisal, supervisors should try to setup a system for providing feedback on a weekly or monthly basis to their employees. It is imperative to understand that the review process is not a pointless exercise. Moreover, it must be understood that the employees will use the performance review to see how they contribute and fit in to the company.


Annual employee performance reviews form an integral part of any organization. Performance reviews help to improve the working relationship between supervisors and their employees. Supervisors will be able to understand the challenges and strong points of their employees and adjust the work schedule accordingly. A performance review process should be a part of any companies culture. It should be thought of as a time for honest reflection on the employees performance and the companies role in their development.

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